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Remember the Indiana Jones movies, where Indy (Harrison Ford) found his father’s diary, which had very important sketches, notes, and other clues to aid his search for the Holy Grail? Well, I have been searching for over 40 years for the “Holy Grail” of health, wellness, fitness and self-awareness. I have been producing graphic posters and graphic study booklets to depict what I believe to be the key components of better health, fitness, well-being and relative happiness. My publications consist mostly of pages showing color graphics of concepts for better health and wellness. I draw my illustrations from my knowledge of allopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), qigong, martial arts, yoga and philosophy on these topics. There are depictions of theories on the human life cycle, psychology relative to components of fitness and many other subjects pertaining to mental and physical well-being. Most of my booklets contain many exercise sets for rehabilitating injuries and illness, as well as others to promote longevity and a better quality of life.

These booklets are the summation of over 40 years of my training, education, teaching and public speaking of holistic health, qigong, fitness, wellness, TCM, martial arts and other facets of self-improvement. Similar to popular study guides such as Quick Study or PermaCharts, these graphic and text guides cut to the chase in order to minimize precious time spent muddling through extensive textbooks seeking understanding of specific concepts. Each guide is packed with the root knowledge regarding specific topics. This format is highly beneficial for the novice as well as experts in the fields of health, wellness and self-improvement.

Books published and available:

Here are links for a low-res thumbnail-look inside of:

Book 1 – Alternative Exercises:

Book 2 – Core Training:

Book 3 – Strength Training:

Book 4 – Combo of 1-3:

Book 5 – Energizing Your Inner Strength

Book 6 – Methods to Achieve Better Wellness:
Book 7 – Coaching & Instructor Training Guide

Book 8 – The 5 Elements & the Cycles of Change

Book 9 – Opening the 9 Gates & Filling 8 Vessels-Intro Set 1:

Book 10 – Opening the 9 Gates & Filling 8 Vessels-sets 1 to 8:

Book 11 – Meridians, Reflexology & Acupressure:

Book 12 – Herbal Extracts, Dit Da Jow & Iron Palm Liniments:

Book 13 – Deep Breathing Benefits for the Blood, Oxygen & Qi:

Book 14 – Reflexology for Stroke Side Effects:

Book 15 – Iron Body & Iron Palm

Book 17 – Fascial Train Stretches & Chronic Pain Management

Book 18 – BaguaZhang

Book 19 – Tai Chi Fundamentals

Book 20 – Qigong (breath-work)

Book 21 – Wind & Water Make Fire

Book 22 – Back Pain Management

Book 23 – Journey Around the Sun-2nd Edition:

Book 24 – Graphic Reference Book:

Book 26 – Whole Health Wisdom: Navigating Holistic Wellness: 


Study booklets, graphic charts & herbal extracts can be purchased at:

Study Booklets, Charts & Herbal Extracts

Also, I have most of my publications available through Amazon at:



I teach and offer lectures about holistic health, stress management, qigong, tai chi, baguazhang, meditation, phytotherapy (herbs), music for healing, self-massage, and Daoyin (yoga).

I look forward to further sharing more of my message by partnering with hospitals, wellness centers, VA centers, schools on all levels, businesses and individuals that see the value in building a stronger nation through building a healthier population. I also have hundreds of FREE education video classes, lectures and seminars available on my YouTube channel at:




Mind and Body Exercises on Google: https://posts.gle/aD47Qo

Jim Moltzan



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