The Science of Teaching

Interested in taking the challenge of learning how to instruct, teach or coach? Whether fitness, martial arts, yoga, team sports, workplace wellness - some of the same concepts and philosophies pertain to all. 

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Topics Covered:

Instructor-teacher-coach training guide (page1)Instructor-teacher-coach trainingg guide (page1)

  • Why Some People Choose to Teach

  • Benefits of Becoming an Instructor

  • Facets of Being an Instructor

  • Seeking the Right Teacher

  • Mindset Levels for Training & Teaching

  • Levels of Understanding Relative to Mental and Physical Abilities

  • Understanding of How People Learn

  • Understanding Why People Begin Training in Mind and Body type Exercises

  • How to develop the Indomitable Spirit (strong will or a “Can Do Attitude”)

  • Formats of Instruction

  • Methods of Training

  • Main Benefits of Training

  • Attributes of Training (applied both physically and mentally)

  • Variety of Lesson Pace

  • Distractions to Avoid from breaking your focus

  • Key Attributes to Healthy Exercises

  • Main Styles of Martial Arts Principals Drawn Upon

  • Parts of a Group Lesson

  • Benefits from Attending the Group Lessons Blueprint to HappinessBlueprint to Happiness

  • Best Times to Exercise

  • Behavior to Avoid While Teaching or Communicating in General

  • Components of a Healthy Life

  • The 3 Treasures

  • Principals

  • Morals

  • Values