Do You Know What Your Potential Is?
Physical health, mental well-being and the relationships within our lives; are these the most cherished aspects of your life? Yet, how much effort do we put towards improving these areas on a daily basis?

Many have used Qigong, Tai Chi and other martial arts training as a method of learning to see one’s character as others see them. I feel that I can offer the priceless qualities of truth, honor and integrity with my instruction. You must seek the right teacher for you, because in time a student can become similar to their teacher. Through the training that I have experienced and offer to others, an individual can understand and hopefully reach their full potential.

By developing self-discipline to continuously execute and perfect sets of movements, an individual can start to understand not only how their being works physically but also mentally and emotionally. You can find your strengths and your weaknesses and improve them both. From here the self-control acquired can be used to accomplish any goal when properly motivated.

Happiness comes from finding the “master” within!

You may have many teachers throughout your life, but every individual has the ability to access the “master” within their own self. You are the master in control of your own reality. No amount of wealth or fame can make you truly happy if you are not healthy and value those around you. The following aspects are just one formula for a successful life. With a blueprint of how to achieve prosperity, how can you not become healthier within all facets of your life?



Self Esteem


Determination to Achieve Goals

RespectThis is where values begin. You must understand and have respect for yourself (self-respect) before you can demonstrate it to others. Taking the steps to take care of your physical and mental well-being effects you first and then those closest to you second.

Discipline Developing control of one’s own desires, commitments, and ultimately your own actions, leads to self-discipline. Control of physical movements can lead to management of thought and emotion.

Self-EsteemAs you review your achievements of respect and discipline, your sense of worth is elevated and appreciated.

ConfidenceUnderstanding and accepting your weak areas as well as your stronger aspects removes insecurity. When you feel that you are physically well and mentally sharp, confidence can fill your personality. You can accomplish whatever goal you set out to achieve. One should be careful not become arrogant with an increase in self-confidence.

Determination to Achieve Goals – The positive sum of the previous aspects leads to one’s determination. Good judgment and focused effort toward positive goals result in true personal success.