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Created 31-Jul-13
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My graphics include holistic Health, which covers many wide-ranging topics such as anatomy and physiology, meditation, massage, nutrition, psychology, herbology, history of various medical modalities, religions of the world, stress-relief/management as well as the societal and cultural issues associated with better health and wellness.
Unique exercise charts depicting Chi Kung (Qigong), Yoga, martial arts principles and various other alternative methods of fitness and well being are available. Martial arts such as BaguaZhang, Pakua, Hsing Yi, Tai Chi and others, offer many benefits well beyond self defense alone. Many of these methods improve core strength (ship pal gi, noble stances, san ti shi), relieve stress and cultivate your life force or "chi". Other benefits that can be enhanced are flexibility, coordination, balance, awareness and a peaceful mind. Most of these exercises can be practiced almost anywhere and by anyone regardless of physical limitations.
Strengthening Your Core 1aDumbbell Weight ExercisesStrengthen Your Back-set 1Yoga Postures-set 15 element chi kung8 pieces of brocadeBaguazhang basicsBo stances 1Strengthen Your Core with Bottle ExercisesBroadsword 1-10Chi Kung - QigongEnergy Centers ComparisonInternal Arts comparisonKinetic LinkingAnatomy 101-Martial Arts Quick NotesMeridian Exercises Set 1Meridian introNoble stancesCore Training with Resistance (Pal Ja Kwon)Pal Gye 1 (stance training)

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