My fitness training started at the age of 16 and has continued for over 38 years. During that time, I attended high school, then college, and worked 2 jobs all while pursuing further training in martial arts and other fitness methods. 26 years ago, I started up an additional business to help finance my next goal of owning my own school. I moved to Florida from the Midwest to make this goal a reality. Now, having had previous ownership in 2 wellness & martial arts schools, I have reached far beyond what I thought to have been my potential. Currently though, no more schools for me; too much time was spent on the business aspects, instead of the importance of the training and how it benefits myself and the others in my life.

Now, as a husband and father of 2 grown children, I have no problem with expressing that we must be prepared to work hard mentally, physically and financially to earn our good health and well-being; not only for ourselves but for our families as well. Good health always comes at a cost whether in time, effort, cost, sacrifice or some combination of the previous.

The majority of the movements I teach are of Chinese origin. The Qigong (breathing work) is from Chinese Kung Fu and the Korean Dong Han medical Qigong lineage.  I have also gained much knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from many TCM practitioners, martial arts masters, teachers and peers. This includes many techniques and practices of acupressure (reflexology, auricular, Jing Well, etc.), acupuncture, moxibustion as well as preparation of some herbal remedies and extracts for conditioning and injuries.  I have been studying for over 20 years with Zen Wellness, learning medical Qigong as well as other Eastern methods of fitness and self awareness. I have been recognized as a “Gold Coin” master instructor having trained and taught others for at least 10000 hours or roughly over 35 years.  The core fitness movements are from Kung Fu and its forms in Baguazhang and Ship Pal Gi (Korean Kung Fu and weapons training).  Each martial art and its fitness exercises can complement and enhance one another.  The more ways that you can move your body, the better it is for your overall health.

Physical health, mental well-being and the relationships within our lives; are these the most cherished aspects of our existence? Yet, how much effort do we put towards improving these areas on a daily basis?    

Many have used martial arts training as a method of learning to see one’s character as others see them.  I feel that I can offer the priceless qualities of truth, honor and integrity with my instruction.  You must seek the right teacher for you, because in time a student can become similar to their teacher.  Through the training that I have experienced and offer to others, an individual can understand and hopefully reach their full potential. 

By developing self-discipline to continuously execute and perfect sets of movements, an individual can start to understand not only how their being works physically but also mentally and emotionally.  You can find your strengths and your weaknesses and improve them both. From here the self-control acquired can be used to accomplish any goal when properly motivated.


I have earned:

  • 5th degree within Korean Kung Fu (Ship Pal Gye) 
  • Recognized by Zen Wellness as a Master Level Instructor (gold coin)
  • Recognized by the Doh Yi Masters as a Fellow Doh Yi Master, having completed 10000 hours of training