All events below are for a 1-hour lecture/seminar consisting of explanations,

question & answer time and various amounts of physical interaction depending upon the theme.

Lectures & Seminars are held within the Wekiva Neighborhood of Longwood, FL

or at other negotiated locations

Curriculum Guide (pdf to view or download)



Themes – including but not limited to:

Basics - Informational with Exercises Florida Hospital Healthier Bones Lecture 10-05-2018-11Florida Hospital Healthier Bones Lecture 10-05-2018-11

Acupressure (general)

Breathing - Importance of Deep Breaths

Chi Kung (Qigong) - Mindful Breathing

Balance - How to Improve Yours

12 Energy Meridians

Effects of Sitting Too Much

Effort Required to Exercise

Energetic Anatomy

Internal Exercise Comparison

Self-defense & Situational Awareness

Tai Chi, Taiji - Moving Meditation


Informational – Theories & Concepts

3 Planes of Symmetry & Body Posture

3 Treasures - Mind, Body & Spirit

5 Element Stages of Life Bear Lake  Class 01-09-2018-3Bear Lake Class 01-09-2018-3

7 Chakras - Energy Centers

8 Fold Path - Change Your Reality

9 Gates – 3 Hearts

Keys to Longevity

Kung Fu Family Tree

Learning & Retention

Mind & Body Connection with Tai Chi

Poor Posture - Cause & Effects

Sleep Quality - Cause & Effects

Static Exercises - For Focus & Strength

Understand Your Thoughts -Cause & Effects

Warrior – Scholar – Sage (a blueprint to Happiness) Image010Image010Sierra Exif JPEG


Informational with Exercises

6 Opposition Forces

8 Vessels – Opening & Filling

Acupressure - Jing Well & Hands

Acupressure for Headaches

Chull Sa Su - Reflexology & Hand Conditioning

Energy Amplification - Kundalini Energy

Kinetic Linking of the Body


Exercises for the Mind, Body & Spirit

5 Element Qigong - Standing Breathing Exercises

8 Pieces of Brocade - Moving Qigong

18 Qi Exercises - Ship Pal Gye Peshing Ave 2011-03-23_09Peshing Ave 8009203425

32 Long Fist - Mental & Physical Exercises

36 Noble Stances - Moving Qigong

Abdominal Exercises - Core Training

Back Exercises for Chronic Issues

Bagua Nei Gong - Still & Moving Qigong

BaguaZhang (8 Trigram Palm) Basics

Bone Tapping Meridian Exercises

Bottle Exercises for Increased Strength

Broadsword - Basic Weapon Training

Dao Cosmology - Philosophy of Our Reality

Dao Yin - Mind & Body Exercises

Fascia Exercises - Muscles & Connective Tissue

Music - How Sound Effects Our Emotions

Knee Exercises for Chronic Issues

Myung Sang - Meridian Exercises

Pal Ja Kwon - Qigong with a Heavy Ball

Progressive Myung Sang Exercises - Sets 1 & 2

Progressive Qigong Exercise set

San Ti - Still Qigong

Short Staff - Basic Weapon Training

Small Circulation Exercise Set

Unique Exercise Stances - Still & Moving Qigong

Weights with Dynamic Tension Exercise Sets

Yin & Yang - Philosophy of Balance

Yoga for Martial Arts


2-4 participants $50 per person

5-10 participants $40 per person

11-20 participants $30 per person

21 or more participants $25 per person


I am eagerly pursuing new avenues and network connections to grow a community of like-minded individuals who have an open perspective to improve their mind, body and spirit to their fullest potential. Classes, lectures, seminars and demonstrations are all opportunities that I offer to showcase this valuable library of health related methods.

More information can be found throughout my website or contact me directly at [email protected]