Client Reviews


Outstanding program for people of all ages. I am a senior citizen and taking this program helps me in everyday life. Thanks to this program I have more flexibility and the ability to maintain some of my youthful vigor and the ability to retain my muscle strength and bodily movement. High Recommend taking this class.

Jerry Leibman

If you are a beginner or established martial artist, Jim can be an excellent guide to a healthier body, lifestyle and attitude. The lessons I have received have certainly made me a better person. I have always appreciated Jim's honest and direct approach to teaching, and his passion for helping others improve. He knows how to safely guide a student past their comfort zone, even when they may have physical limitations.

Thank you for the knowledge Sifu Jim!

Derek Stewart


I highly recommend Jim Moltzan to anyone looking to improve their health through Tai Chi or Qi Gong exercises. He has decades of expert knowledge to share and fully understands how to help people no matter their age, physical abilities, or skill level. A true master of his craft.

Rick Johanson


I have known Jim for almost 20 years. He is an amazing and passionate teacher. What I learned in Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu has helped me in everyday life. It's great for focus, flexibility and overall well being without adding stress to the mind and body.

Sylvia Gallo


I was given the opportunity to take part in Jim’s class. Not being terribly coordinated or athletic, I was looking for an opportunity to improve my health. Jim taught with concern for each person’s ability and skill level in mind. I never felt diminished but always uplifted. It seemed that Jim was concerned for each of us. As a “mature” woman, i would recommend Jim’s classes to anyone.

Jerilyn Consla


I have known Jim Moltzan for 20+ years as his student. He is by far one of the most skilled practitioners of the martial arts I have ever experienced and known. He teaches with focused compassion, caring and helps break down steps so that anyone be of all ages can do it! Try his free lesson it will change your life.

Dr Neal Wieder
Chiropractor - Nutritionist
1st Degree Black Belt in Kungfu


I have studied with a number of different martial arts teachers over the past 25 years, and Jim is definitely one of my very favorites. He is very knowledgeable and personable, and is a great teacher on every level.

Martin Schiff


I have studied martial arts most of my adult life and along that journey I have had the opportunity to receive many years of practical teaching from Instructor Jim Moltzan. I would like to recommend Jim Moltzan to anyone interested in learning traditional martial art and how applying the correct movements based on one’s individual abilities can improve your daily activities. He is very knowledgeable of the Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung styles. His passionate teaching methods has a way of connecting the lessons or techniques to the limits or natural abilities of each student and instructing them on a path to gain the maximum benefits.

Troy Peterson


I received martial arts instruction from Jim for over 10 years. He is an excellent instructor and coach. The exercises are always clearly explained, and broken down into digestible pieces as needed. He’s very patient and takes the time to provide positive feedback and explain the benefits and reasons behind each part of the exercise.  He’s also very knowledgeable on the origins of the movements and how they applied to the martial artist in practical terms.  I highly recommend Jim as a martial arts instructor.

Matt Pike - Lacey WA