Concierge Fitness - for individuals who are looking to truly make some drastic improvements to their understanding of the mind, body and self-awareness connection

Curriculum Guide (pdf to view or download)


Your location or mine. Private one-on-one instruction, semi-private or a small group. In-depth and specific training to reach a goal such as, but not limited to:

■ Increasing core strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, coordination, etc.

■ Chronic pain or stress management with movement and breathing exercises

■ Improvement of overall health due to injury or illness

■ Improving focus and concentration 

Health Care programHealth Care program



  • 2 to 3, 1-hour sessions per week
  • private, semi-private or small group as negotiated
  • requires a genuine interest, time & financial commitment by all parties
  • your location or mine, as negotiated
  • cost includes study guides, props or equipment as needed, & external herbal extracts used during training sessions
  1.  20 sessions over 4-6 weeks
  2.  30 sessions over 8-10 weeks
  3.  40 sessions over 12-14 weeks



Various types of exercises and practices including, but not limited to:

  • Yoga & Taoist Yoga (mindful deep breathing executed with static stretching)
  • Qigong, DaoYin,  & DaoYi (mindful deep breathing exercises with little or no body movement)
  • Tai Chi (yoga in-motion type exercises with deep regulated breathing)
  • BaguaZhang (deep breathing while stretching and specific walking exercises)
  • Acupressure (pressure point massage with or without application of external herbal extracts to enhance circulation)

Spectrum of Stance Variations-for social media-2Spectrum of Stance Variations-for social media-2



- over 40 different core training sets (forms) with 1-5 levels of difficulty

- over 100 various exercises for symmetrical & asymmetrical, bilateral development

- over 100 warmup & cardio exercises for upper & lower body

- stretching & strengthening of the myofascial trains 

- anaerobic & aerobic exercises

- low impact exercises

- neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle and other areas of discomfort addressed

- increase range of motion through deliberate exercises

- sometimes using homemade or minimal apparatus

Bones-smaller graphicBones-smaller graphic



This instruction is offered with a $60 1-hour consultation and tryout to determine goals and expectations of the both the student and the instructor.

More information by contacting [email protected]