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Created 25-Aug-13
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Linked sets of exercises (forms), are among the most important or key aspects in my training. Most forms took generations to develop and have characteristics and benefits that are unique to each particular form. Practicing develops the right physical and mental balance within each individual. No two people practicing the same movement will develop the same way. The balance of mind and body development will yield results that are unique to that individual.

People of all age groups have unlimited potential to gain strength, mentally and physically, through the practice of these forms with little risk of injury. Training will give you confidence. Your mind and body will develop and retain the mental sharpness and physical strength to last a lifetime without a crippling illness. Practiced correctly, these movements can make you look and feel younger and will extend your life. Other benefits include better reflexes, coordination, agility, timing, and speed; enhanced ability to focus, improved circulation and oxygen intake; expelling toxins from the body; a more responsive immune system; prevention of arthritis and rheumatism.

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