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Book 6 - Methods to Achieve Better Wellness

Book 6 - Methods to Achieve Better Wellness

100 page study guide consisting of explanations & graphics of qigong, martial arts exercises, the human life cycle, components of fitness and many other subjects pertaining to mental and physical well being. Information coincides with approximately 2 years of practice, training and teaching.

Table of contents
Introduction page 1
What is Chi? 6
Which Path Are You On? 8
The Health Care Crisis 9

Introduction to Energy Meridians & QiGong Concepts
Meridians Within the Body 12
The 3 Treasures 14
Qigong/Chi Kung/Gi Gong 16
5 Element Qigong 18
Martial Arts Quick Notes 19

Various Wellness Concepts & Theories
Thoughts Effect Your Health 22
Key Concept to Longevity & a Rewarding Life 24
Mind & Body Connection of Tai Chi 26
Energy Centers of the Human Body 28
The Internal Energy Arts (a comparison) 30
QiGong, Wai Dan, Nei Dan (a comparison) 32
Flow Chart of Kung Fu & GiGong 33
Effects of Poor Posture 34
Stages of th Life Cycle
Life Stages - 5 Elements - The Horary Cycle 38
How Well do You Sleep 40

Body Balance & Movement
Balance Within the Human Body 44
Kinetic Linking 46
Exercises to Restore Wellness
Opening the Small Circulation 50
8 Pieces of Brocade 52
Meridian Exercises (set 1) 54
Meridian Exercises (progressive set 1) 56
Meridian Exercises (progressive set 2) 58

Concepts & Methods for Longevity
Opening the 9 Gates & Filling the 8 Vessels Page 62
Ship Pal Gye (set 1) 66
Ship Pal Gye (set 2) 68
Stance Training with Resistance 70
BaguaZhang (Pakua, moving meditation, circle walking) 72

Advanced Methods for Mental & Physical Development
Bagua Nei Gong 76
Bo Stance Variations 78
Static Contractions Exercises (Isometrics) 80
Mind & Body Exercises 82
Dumbbell Exercises 84
Strengthen Your Core (bottle exercises) 86

Relieve Pain & Fix Physical Ailments
Posture Affects the Mind & Body 90
Relieve Chronic Lower Back Pain 92
Strengthen Your Back (set 1) 94
Knee Exercises (set 1) 96
Contact Information 98
About the Author 99
Product Catalog 100
Personal Notes 104
Class Options and Costs 105