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Created 1-Aug-13
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Qi, Chi or Gi means air , energy or breath in Chinese and Korean

Gong or Kung means work

Qi Gong therefore translates to energy or breath work

The human body is made up of bones, muscles, and organs amongst other components. Veins,
arteries and capillaries carry blood and nutients throughout to all of the sytems and components.
Additionally, 12 major energy medians carry the body’s energy, “life force” also known as "chi".
Ones chi is stored in the lower Dan Tien. Daily emotional imbalances accumulate tension and
stress gradually affecting all of the body’s systems. Each discomfort, nuisance, irritation or grudge
continues to tighten and squeeze the flow of the life force. This is where “dis-ease” claims its foothold.
Qi Gong breathing exercises can adjust the brainwaves to the Alpha state where the mind is relaxed
and the body chemistry changes and promotes natural healing. Relaxing of the deep skeletal muscles,
working outward. Release of tension accumulated within the muscles, organs and nerves. Whereas
conventional physical exercise can deplete energy, Qi Gong helps to replenish your natural energy.

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