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Created 12-Apr-18
16 videos

I created a series of 16 short videos to help give a better understanding of martial arts for mind & body fitness. Each is 1-2 minutes long.

Even if you have no current desire to learn these methods, I encourage you to view the videos. At the very least you will learn a bit more about my thought process, and possibly learn something new about yourself.

Or maybe give yourself a different perspective of what available options exist to achieve higher levels of physical fitness, mental awareness and higher levels of consciousness.

List of Videos:

1-Summary of Curriculum

2-Bandwidth of Difficulty

3-The 3 Treasures

4-Chronic Pain Management

5-Isometric Core Conditioning Sets

6-Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Concepts & Dao Cosmology

7-Static vs Dynamic Exercises

8-Whole Body Strength Methods

9-Resistance Training

10-Heavy Ball Conditioning

11-Weight Training

12-Weapons Training

13-Iron Palm Training

14-Tai Chi Follow Along Classes

15-Medical Qigong 200-Hour Restoration Program

16-Educational Journals & Charts